Got a Quite Peaceful Place?  

"Heaven's Park Closed to the Public"

We have enjoyed sharing Heaven's Park with everyone.


Welcome to Heaven's Park


Heavens Park is an 18-acre property located approximately two miles South of Idaho Falls, in Southeast Idaho.
The property had its beginnings a part of a family farm that featured barns, corrals, and sheds. As the family farming focuses changed, so did the use of this property.  In the mid 1800's, Settlers built a lava rock bridge to cross Sandcreek which runs through the property.  The remnants of this early bridge have been incorporated into the foot bridge used today.  
In 1995, the transformation of the property began which has developed into the park as it is today.  Boasting tree lined banks with walking paths, and mounds of flowers and shrubs, a day in the park has taken on a new meaning for our family.  Used for family/neighborhood gatherings by It's Corporate Members and their guests.



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